Maternity sessions

Here are a few useful things regarding outfits and props for your maternity session:

  • OUTFIT. Long dress for the mother-to-be tends to work the best for maternity sessions. Search Amazon or Pinterest using the keyword “dress for maternity session”. It’s YOUR maternity session – let it express your personalities! You can be as fancy (formal dresses) or as casual as you wish. Avoid any logos or words on your outfits (unless all of you have shirts with cool maternity sayings, and that’s the look you are aiming for).
  • COLORS. It’s recommended for all session participants to wear colors that match or complement each other. Best if you have no more than 3 colors overall, 4 max (can be different shades of one color, though). The best solution is to have neutral colors overall (white, grey, khaki, or jeans) and just add bright matching colors in accessories or shirts. 
  • SHOES. If your session is in a park, it most likely has a grassy and sandy area and also uneven walkways. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. When it comes to the choice of shoes, the rule is the same as with clothes – best if it complements the overall style and colors. So either everybody wears sneakers, or everybody wears formal shoes, etc. 
  • MAKEUP and HAIR. Professional makeup is recommended for all professional sessions for the best skin look. Removing blemishes is not included in general editing and is subject to retouching (extra fee). Loose hair (straight or wavy) looks the best.
  • PROPS. If there is anything that has sentimental value for you and you want it in the pictures, feel free to bring it for your session. Even better if it complements the colors of your clothes. Some of the popular choices for the props are latest ultrasound picture, baby booties or little shoes, big letters that spell out the baby’s name. You might want to bring a color matching blanket or a cover to sit on for some pictures.

Below are some examples of the props that you could bring to your maternity session:

I also offer “It’s a boy” and “It’s a girl” props free of extra charge. Just let me know if you’d like me to bring one of these to your session:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I’m looking forward to your session! 

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