Northern Virginia

Explore some of the most popular locations for taking pictures in Northern Virginia; however, don’t let it limit you! 🙂

If there is a location you really love that is not yet featured here, we can totally schedule a photo session there.

On top of the beautiful parks and venues, I can come to your place for some lifestyle photography.

Green Spring Gardens (Alexandria, VA)

Green Spring Gardens has everything your heart desires for a gorgeous photo session or wedding: trees, water, bridges, benches, pavilions, and a cherry of top - a beautiful souvenir shop by the entrance:
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Old Town (Alexandria, VA)

Old Town, a historic district with cobblestone streets and 18th-century townhouses, gives an amazing variety of backgrounds for a unique photo session:
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Donald Frady Park (Falls Church, VA)

Donald Frady Park is a cute little park with beautiful trees and a pavilion. Combine it with a gorgeous cobblestone building across the park, and you'll get plenty of background variety for any photo session:
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Your house (lifestyle photos)

Indoors and/or outdoors - sometimes having a lifestyle photo session at your house is the best solution:
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